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Aetna Websites

Aetna Brand Hub

Agency: Primacy

Position: Associate Graphic Designer

The Objective

In 2017, Aetna launched its new brand identity. "We join you" was Aetna's promise to help turn members' healthy ambitions, no matter how big or how small, into achievements. Primacy was asked to create a health and wellness information hub for the public reveal of the brand re-design. We were one of the first partner agencies to work with the new brand guidelines, even as they were still under development. I collaborated with the UX and Creative teams to design the interface for the hub.


Usability Testing

One of the challenges was trying to figure out the best way to navigate the site. There were 5 pages that each had subcategories. The team tested many different ways; from hamburger menus, drop downs to sticky navigations. Each of these menu types were prototyped and A/B tested in live user tests.

Accessible to All

The site needed to follow the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines. This meant that all text and background colors needed to have a certain level of contrast. I had to test the color contrast of all the different type sizes against the colored backgrounds. In addition any headline that was in a dark overly, or type that was woven into the images themselves, had to also meet accessibility standards.

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