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SCAN Health Plan Website

Agency: Primacy

Position: Graphic Designer

The Objective

Senior Care Action Network, or SCAN, is a health plan provider in California whose mission is to keep seniors healthy and active. Primacy's challenge was to rebuild and launch the new site in a very short time period. I was part of the team that updated the initial batch of over 100 modules, each having to be laid out for 3 responsive view points. Since the launch, Primacy has continued work with SCAN by updating and launching new features. I have worked very closely with UX team members to craft these new features and even developed an illustrated icon set. Check out the live site here.


Designed with Seniors in Mind

The goal of the SCAN site was to tailor the experience to our senior audience. We kept the content simple and scannable so that it was easy to read across all the responsive viewpoints. This includes optimizing type sizes and creating clear CTAs.

Tour Experience

As part of the Knowledge Center design, we included new components that hadn't been introduced on the site before. In order to help explain some of these features, we suggested adding an experience that would trigger a guided tour component. This tour goes step by step through the page to explain what each new module does.

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